Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mortal Enemies

She stood, divine, at the edge of the sea. The tide was shifting, as always. The water lapped up onto the sand to lick at her toes, which curled into the soft, damp grains. The breeze grazed her flowing garments, outlining the generous curves of her form. Allure radiated from every part of her being--from the curled lashes around her stunning eyes to the gentle arches of her feet. The sensation was as organic as the scent of the earth underneath her, and she knew she was irresistible. Hatred lifted her hair and let the wind kiss the back of her neck before she turned to join the others.

They were milling about the courtyard, and many greeted her as she passed. She was known by all and had been intimate with many. Her position of power was unmatched by all except one, but Hatred steadfastly ignored her only real rival--Love.